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Alpenflair v2.0
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Alpenflair v2.0

Here you can see a new map for the Farming Simulator 2015. The map bears the name "Alpenflair" where the name says it all! The Map was not designed for a real model, but built entirely fictional. You can find before a mountainous, steep Map. There is plenty of arable land and grassland to your animals with food. But the forest-lovers are not forgotten in this beautifully designed card.
IMPORTANT: I ​​ask you to read the text on the download page, because that would go beyond the scope here. (There you will find for example: Required Mods, a FAQ, list of fields, history of Map, support, etc.)

Soil Mod installed / Do not worry, you do not play with it. (More on this in the FAQ)
WaterMod is installed (see FAQ)
Installed AnimationMapDoorTrigger
Start adapted vehicles
mountainous surroundings
3 outlets (Warehouse, inn and BGA)
all the trees are precipitated
Fields, meadows and forest also exists
Biogas plant is installed
Animals: Cows and chickens are installed, not sheep
Missions and gold coins are installed
Interim storage available for manure on the farm

If you find any bugs or have any questions about the map please use the support which is to be found on the download page above. This way I can, if desired, errors are found, go directly to it and fix this as soon as possible.
I hope you have on this mountainous Map Fun and would appreciate feedback ;-)

Von folgenden Moddern und Teams habe ich Objekte und Gebäude verwendet:

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