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Alpental Forest Extreme v1.2 Beta
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Alpental Forest Extreme v1.2 Beta

Hello Dear Com I hir for you Moia its class Alpental I have ergenzt a little on forest after release.
is installed behind the courtyard a new sawmill and a gantry crane doing back and forth.
look yourself clean in the map and decide yourself if you want to be Do you want or prefer to work in the agricultural in Sp, rather an energy farmer that's up to you.
I thank agriculture of the GDR for his help in the solution error of the map:
and of course I also thank Obiwan for its class video presentation of the map:
Required mods to open the gates: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10044430/MapDoorTrigger.zip.html


  • Lee


    2015-04-07 23:51
    love the map but PULP FACTORY need to be fixed
  • Famer541
    2015-05-26 22:56
    will you tell me how to put your mod on my xbox 360
  • Demitry
    2015-06-03 23:31
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