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Alpental v1.1
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Alpental v1.1

After much back and forth, I was thinking my version of the Alpine valley for 15 Ls convert.
So I have new buildings built as the Ls 15 sawmill Ls 15 thermal power station, a garden center, a camp for chips, the Ls 15 grain storage and the new precipitable trees. Furthermore, there are now 3 points of sale and a new double silos on the farm.
There are on the map 10 fields and meadows and 6, all standart animal species.
If you want to make trees I commend to you the great forest in the north of the map, because it looks ugly when the trees which serve as Mapbegrenzung away.

Required Mods:

Recommended Mods:
(This Liquid manure is in the launch vehicle available when it is not in modfolder lacks beginning of the game)

I now wish you many great hours on my map
MFG Moia

PS: some feedback I would be happy

Map by: Elmo // Moia
Objekte, Texturen, ... by:
Elmo // Wohlstandskind // Buschi // Katsuo // mailman // Fatian // LS-Landtechnik // Luxfarm // marhu, Kolbenfresser, Hatzfan (TMT-Trans Mapping Team) // MorphX-Fruktor (Eifok) // LwFarming // Alex2009 // SLJ-Agrar // Chefkoch_LS2011 (FSM-Team) // fendtfan1 // Eisbearg // Raptor5 // El Cid

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