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Altai Valley Map v2.1
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Altai Valley Map v2.1

All the buildings have tried to replace Russian. Culture and animal remains standard + growing calves and pigs. Pickup milk delivery of fish from the lake to the canning small factory, sale of timber and boards. Number of ready-fields has changed.


  • Sweet250
    2015-04-23 01:00
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    after 3 + tries to get the game to be recognize your map, I have given up, so all I can say is your map will not load.после 3 + пытается получить игру, чтобы быть признать свою карту, я бросил, так что все что я могу сказать ваша карта не будет загружаться.
  • Bemo
    2015-04-23 02:19
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    @Sweet250 Not sure what the issue would be but it loaded fine for me. Maybe its a mod conflict. Try removing the Door Animation mod from your folder and try loading it ?
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