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Altkirch in Alsace v3.0 Multifruit
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Altkirch in Alsace v3.0 Multifruit

New kinds of fruit: grapes (grapes) for sowing and harvesting
New fill types: smoked bacon, wine, UHT milk, quiche
New productions: Räucherspeckproduktion the slaughterhouse; Winery; Tarte work; Milk Max V2 at the dairy; UHT milk sales on Intermarche
built Weinberg
inserted outlets for bacon, quiche, wine grapes, wine
Storage for wine, quiche, bacon
Income z.T. slightly increased

Version 2.1 Multifrucht
- Particle systems potato washer
- Pallet storage brick
-Palettenstau Dumpling factory
integrated transport
supplemented Warehouse for fish
inserted outlets for fish


  • Thesnake
    2016-08-08 19:14
    The Water Plane i'ts like a Mirror
  • Lolhivier
    2016-08-08 21:07
    nice map , you have a French translation please ?
  • Blacky
    2016-08-09 15:30
    awesome map mod you should add the realstic mud mod on here it would awesome on here.keep up the good work
  • Sebastien
    2016-08-17 22:34
    bonjour je n arrive pas a déverrouille toute les petite entreprise pas de logo pour les achetés quel dommage surtout ses une maps ou on peut faire beaucoup de chose quelqu un peu m aide peut etre il faut un mods
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-08-18 09:37
    Where do we get or pick up the product called "Torf" (peat), any one have any idea. Bob.
  • Blacky
    2016-08-18 21:27
    it doesen't crash my computer simon it works i think something is wrong with your computer simon
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-08-20 10:47
    Hi All....It looks as if we are getting no Help from the "author" for our questions. It is a very good Map, has 10 Factories, all look to work okay so far. All factories require "TORF" (peat), it is used as a Fuel for the Factory to run on. The "TORF" goes into the "Central Power Plant, to power all Factories. Bob.
  • Douxian
    2016-08-24 15:39
    hello, thank you for this map but what do have i to do to make the traffic light turned on ? in the RAR folder there is a modDesc file where do i put it ?
  • Douxian
    2016-08-24 20:06
    hello, to get some "torf" you have to go to South west of the map near the grape field and here there is the "torfwerk" where you can buy it (very expensive !!), after, like Bob said go to the "kraftwerk" and choose which your factory. But i have a probleme, i did it for the "lehmziegelwek" untill 100% and the door is still close. Can you help me
  • Douxian
    2016-08-24 21:48
    Hello at last, i understood !!! to use the map correctly you must have map buyable object mod in the mod folder. after that everything gonna be all right. ;-)
  • Albert
    2016-09-01 18:14
    bonsoir je n,arrive pas a vider le houblon a l,usine a biere merci
  • Sbylfc
    2016-09-19 18:11
    with what u harvest the onion?
  • Douxian
    2016-09-19 19:41
    hello sbylfc (!!!) . You can harvest everything with the normal machines, for the onions the same as the maïs (corn), carots too !
  • Sbylfc
    2016-09-20 03:43
    thanks Douxian.2 more Qs if u don't mind.i don't have the carots indication on my seeder?i do have it on other maps.and how do I install/seed grapes?
  • Douxian
    2016-09-24 12:56
    Hello sbylfc. I have the carots indications (I think) because I find (here) a little script mod named "FruitFilltypeIconText", and since I have it if there is no icon there a text for all fruits.I don't really understand your question about grapes but you have seed grape in the seed machine (??) like other fruits, there is not special seed. But you must harvest it with the green machine (mod inclued with the map). hope that i answer well !
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