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Amazone Cenius 3002 v3.0
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Amazone Cenius 3002 v3.0

Amazone Cenius 3002 - The mulch for agronomical success

Completely washable
Fully functional working lights
Functioning indicator
Soil particles and animations

Working width 3.0 m
Price: 10,800 - LS
Daily Upkeep: 10 - LS
Power required: min. 100 hp
Real weight of 2.1 t
Three point suspension

The mulch Amazone Cenius 3002 delivers in all working conditions compelling quality of work. Through the three beam zinc field of Cenius the soil is loosened. Hollow discs effect the leveling of the soil, during the subsequent re-compaction is ensured by the wedge ring roller. At the dealer, the new version of Mulchsaatgrubbers from 10,800, is - LS available.

Model and texture: Giants Software
Converts & Dirttextur: faerdi
Test: Chaos Elite Modding Team
Pictures: Marc B.
Support: Chaos Elite Modding - CEM - Forum

The model is derived from GIANTS. Therefore, it is generally allowed this mod for further use in Farming Simulator modify and publish in a modified form, provided that the creators are mentioned in the credits.
All Rights reserved by Giants Software GmbH.

faerdi, GIANTS Software GmbH

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