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Amazone CrassHopper v2.3
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Amazone CrassHopper v2.3

Warrior Dwarf reloaded
Attention: this is a test MOD (use at your own risk)

Weight: 9.1t
Width: 3 m (wheels have intentionally no collision, so that one better comes through)
Power: 2750 HP
Torque: 7220 nm
Maximum speed: 240 km/h
4-wheel steering system for the highest agility
Loads 100000l of standard fruits
Helper (not working on mower, however, on, try a XDisc on the Harvest)
A lot of Attachers (front loader, front hydraulics, rear hydraulics, trailer, TrailerLow, SemiTrailer, cutter, Harvester)
all service Trigger (Fuel, Seed, Water...)
Liquid manure transport
Straw on harvesting to create bales

A very big thank to the real MOD http://www.modhoster.de/mods/amazone-profihopper--3


  • Named
    2015-07-21 19:38 Send message
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    The original is 15 megs...this one is 104?? So a big load of 'I don't know what I'm doing' comes with it?Words of the wise...just get the original.
  • Buggi
    2015-07-22 01:04 Send message
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    ich h├Ątte den mod sehr gerne ausprobiert... fand die idee hammer... aber er ist nicht kaufpar im schop... leider...
  • Buggi
    2015-07-22 01:06 Send message
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    I would very much like the mod tried ... loved the idea hammer ... but he's not in kaufpar Schop ... unfortunately ...
  • Chezlow
    2015-12-16 15:23 Send message
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    Well for me a think it's a great mod :)Nice One
  • Mctavish
    2016-11-10 08:25 Send message
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    you want to make this fs17
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