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Amazone D1 v1.0
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Amazone D1 v1.0

Last I looked a Let's play from FS 2013 in memory of old times and reminded me that there was
this little old rickety start-seeder.

Since I have not found the Amazone D1 for the FS 15, I grabbed a version for the FS 2013 of
RealDairyFarmer and converted. It is based on the original by GIANTS, now with adjusted FS15-standard
particle system.

The Fertilizer function of RealDairyFarmer I've taken out, just as additional seed varieties.
Say, it can only what they could in 2013 in FS. No more, no less.

Washable it is not, but this is not very significant in view of the sleazy rusty texture. Comes perhaps
in a later version. Unfortunately, the small gear right runs at even when raised, I also refer to a
later version. But is only a small optical error which does not impair the function.

The power of the tractor is not greatly influenced, with regard to the very weak oldtimers in LS15
the Amazone D1 should be suitable for.

ATTENTION: The tractor must have a rear linkage! Acker rails etc. do not function.

Otherwise, it does what it should, is Logerror-free and fits perfectly with the oldtimers.
The data in the shop are the originals from FS 2013.

working width 2,10 m
needed power: 20 HP (i didn't have a smaller tractor for testing purposes, but should work)
fruits: wheat, barley, canola, grass
price: 4500 €, maintenance: € 5


Everyone is allowed to change the mod, as long as the credits mention any previous modders and the
version numbers make sense. Before uploading new version here or elsewhere, please message to me.

GIANTS, RealDairyFarmer, akarvi

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