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Ambulance pack v1.0
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Ambulance pack v1.0

Hello this is my first mods. I did not 100% make this the ford is made by kingmerc. And the i got the international from sketchup. But hope you guys do like.


  • @firegod158
    2016-01-30 10:23
    hate to tell you but this mod has been out for a long time i have it this is not your first mod/ build nice try buddy credit the real people that mad it
  • Opiedtvfd722
    2016-01-30 15:31
    Where did you get the box from?
  • Murray
    2016-01-30 23:01
    Needs some serious work speed issues and overall looks
  • Blacky
    2016-01-31 03:00
    theses mods are worthless the big truck get stuck in the ground pointing up in the air and the f450 the doors don't open
  • Xanders
    2016-02-01 18:44
    hey can you get kingmerc chevy pck and send it to me at [email protected]
  • Iplay
    2016-02-02 01:43
    hey man you should give eric the maker of the box credit or take it down man cause they look great but eric is wanting to stop and i don't him to leave the modding community like king merc did. i'm not complaing i'm just suggesting. but great job for first mod.
  • Firegod158
    2016-02-05 07:07
    im sorry for not giving credits to eric who made the box I just did not know who made it.
  • Blackwidow
    2016-02-26 02:08
    well you know what did you get permission for any of ur edits not first mods
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