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American Super B autoload trailer v1.0
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American Super B autoload trailer v1.0

Super B automatic bale trailer
This mod allows you to attach/lock all bales, pallets, and a few other modded items to the trailer with ratchet straps.
You can also auto Load/Unload all the above mentioned items.
Load type

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  • James
    2016-02-27 12:15
    in the download it only features the rear trailer and it doesn't come with the trailer with the hitch on the back
  • Silja88
    2016-02-27 15:34
    One link is for one trailer the second link is for another trailer
  • Kieth
    2016-02-27 15:45
    thank you so much I love your trailers I use your ice road truck a lot it would be nice to the drop deck trailer
  • Silja88
    2016-02-27 16:03
    thank you very much
  • Csx68
    2016-02-27 20:26
    nice mod btw wene are the container chassis coming out?
  • Silja88
    2016-02-27 20:35
    I will try to finish tomorrow
  • [18wos]_ace | haulin | yt
    2016-02-28 02:05
    Could you make Jack Jesse's truck with every detail from Carlile on seasons 4 & 5 at all of you can try.-p.s. could you reply if you do think about it ?-p.s.s. i love all of your mods keep up the good work
  • Silja88
    2016-02-28 02:36
    I have not watched the season,what he drive....
  • [18wos]_ace | haulin | yt
    2016-02-28 03:42
    He drives a Kenworth C-2019. Just copy and paste these URLs in a tab.http://jackjessee.com/2012/07/26/why-are-the-wheelbases-of-alaskan-trucks-so-long/https://plus.google.com/115065654428220055373/posts/TsWE6kKKJmihttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/488851734524240622/https://www.pinterest.com/pin/282319470363448633/Use these URLs that lead to pictures for help :D
  • Pricelessj
    2016-02-28 04:48
    Very nice mod. Love it, only issue i have with it is that when using in in my multiplayer game, the bales disappear off the trailer. Any ideas?
  • Silja88
    2016-02-28 07:02
    I do not have the original game to test mod
  • Martii72
    2016-02-28 11:43
    OMG Stop using sharemods.com for D/L links .. thay suk
  • Crazyboy1711
    2016-02-28 12:28
    So far I'm loving the SILJA88 mods. Great work SILJA88
  • SILJA88, good job on your trucks & trailers, was wondering if I can offer you a position over at Lone Star Customs, Messages us if your interested.https://www.facebook.com/lonestarmodding/
  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-28 23:46
    sweet looking trailer, just the trailer I have been looking for, how about a modhub.us link for both trailers in one zip mod.
  • Dean
    2016-03-01 02:08
    where can I find he first link please
  • Dean
    2016-03-01 02:11
    I can only find one link though
  • Fabian
    2016-03-01 03:22
    love your mods best ones i have seen in a long while
  • Silja88
    2016-03-01 03:47
    @THOMAS @CSX68 I finally solved the problem with container and i make a new model container,the rest is just to do partical system for tiping and i will share trailer
  • Silja88
    2016-03-01 03:57
  • Peterpiper
    2016-03-02 01:19
    My new favorite trailers for loading hay bales! Used for about an hour. Loaded trailer and hit "O" to secure bales and something happened. Truck and trailers were scattered across the farm and hay was lost. Might have been a conflict with the map I'm using, California Map. Reloaded trailers and carried to farm, unloaded in storage no problems. Excellent work on these trailers, the time and effort put into these is greatly appreciated by me! Thank you!!
  • Silja88
    2016-03-02 02:54
    O is for manual loading and lock bale and other tols,do not use O when you automatic load bales.....sory for my baaaad english...
  • Poptart1952
    2016-03-02 03:40
    when i unload then they go all to hell anyone eles haveing that problem
  • Silja88
    2016-03-04 00:04
    I say do not use O for automatic work
  • Feiffer20
    2016-04-10 04:07
    how do you load it?
  • Feiffer20
    2016-04-30 06:40
    can anyone help?
  • Chris
    2016-09-13 07:27
    hi i just wish the traliers would have a front and back gates they are great traliers i like them lots plus a great mod too
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