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Amkodor 333A TO-18B2 v1.1
1 0 0 2008

Amkodor 333A TO-18B2 v1.1

here I add you to "Amkodor 333A TO-18B2" loaders with matching blade in the revised version.
Model runs LOG FREE !!

Features / Functions:
Lights, brake lights, working light front & rear, flasher, reversing light, speedometer illumination, RUL
Tire tracks and tires dust
animated Farme
animated Amaturen
animated cardan
animated Engine Parts
articulated steering
IC function
Mouse Control
both doors to open / close
two side windows to open / close
Engine covers to open / close
Old Destroyed texture or real texture

IC functions:
Doors, side windows, work light front & rear
Blade has a capacity of 4000 liters, and can all standard fruit + manure, sand, sunflower record.
Performance of the wheel loader is 130 PS
Handling characteristics have been deliberately set, if you have the scoop drann or loaded. Schwankendes drivability, toppling when relent full, high speed, etc. Is no different in real.
The patch 1.3 or higher must be installed.
I wish you much fun with the mod.
Happy Ferny :)
MfG Jekyll

NIKOPOL90, -=FaRMeR=-, Mindis56, tuDeNT, Jekyll

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