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Ammergauer Alpen v2.0 Final
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Ammergauer Alpen v2.0 Final

I would like to start times for all object modders thank Dehren objects I have installed in my map. Without your commitment, it would not be possible to build such maps. I tried to name all the modders in the credits. If I have forgotten anyone please write me via PM, of course I add you then added. The download has a size of 500MB incl. The mods. The .zip must not be unpacked. Whom the file is too big, please just do not load, you do not have that extra then mention in the clerk. I know this is pretty much ... but that's just sometimes:-)

Thank the map probably know from the LS13. I tried the the character is retained and still fulfill your wishes. The main courtyard is now no longer quite so tight.

The map is installed:
- Zugschrankenscript
- Woolpalettecollector
- Mixing Station
- pig
- Cattle fattening
- Broiler (This must be fed on corn instead of potatoes / sugar)
- Liquid manure Kalkmod
- Sandmod
- Manual milk collection and sale
- Watermod

main courtyard:
Here you will find numerous storage facilities, a new clamp silage, the mixing station, food storage for potatoes - beet - Grass - hay, silos for feed, gas stations and the cow pasture with ball bearings.
Broiler: breeding chickens (Trailer for pickup is purchasable under mods), manual removal of manure
Pig: pig breeding, manual removal of manure
Beef cattle: cattle breeding, manual removal of manure
Slaughterhouse: Sale of pork and beef
KFC: sale of chickens
Train: sale of fruits, sand stock
Sawmill: Sale of wood (sales trigger adapted for large-trailer)
Garden centers: purchase of grain, grass sale, purchase of eggs
Dairy: Sales of milk
Bioenergy: sale of manure, manure, hay, straw, grass
Spinning: Sale of Wool
Windmill: Sale of fruits
BGA: Self-explanatory:-)

Your needs a sales trailer for milk and the ChoppedStraw Mod

I wish you much fun with the map ... and have a look but the videos are still set here.
Support me as always in our forum at Qualitätsmods

Greeting your Nubsi

Nubsi, Marhu, Skydancer, LS Agricultural Engineering, Alex2009, Blacky_BPG, Farmi ©, Steffen30muc, graphic-computer, Sven777b, mailman, ELMO upside down, TMT, Baden Bauer, power74de, Repin, Farmer_Andy, DeerePower QualitaetsModsTeam and a special thanks to Case844 and the members of our forum who have actively supported me with bug fixes and objective criticism

No publication on other forums / websites without my permission.
Forbidden to publish sides of another.

Nubsi, Marhu, sKyDaNcEr, LS-Landtechnik, Alex2009, Blacky_BPG, Farmi©,Steffen30muc, grafik-edv, Sven777b, mailman, ELMO, upsidedown, TMT, Badenbauer, power74de, Repi, Farmer_Andy, DeerePower, Timber131

  • Guest
    2015-02-12 16:46
    is there a storage place for the grains or is it just sale
  • Sire
    2015-02-12 20:15
    die map ist scheiße, aber zum ausschlachten ganz gut. naja hier wenigstens kostenlos und mit full-speed :))
  • More
    2015-02-12 21:04
    "Forbidden to publish sides of another" LOLthousands of downloads that cost nothing here. you stupid modder :D
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