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Animals for sosnovka map v1.0
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Animals for sosnovka map v1.0

Animal addon for Sosnovka map.
this gives the map pigs and cattle chickens2 and storage.
You may think where is he / she going to fit this on the map as there is not alot of Flatspace to Build
so my solution what to dump a load of dirt into the lake / pond near the farm and build the pigs and cattle
So chickens2 there with some storage. So there is a sellpoint to sell the animals in village.
The chicken2 Can Be Brought from the shop so the pigs and cattle.
I wanted the chickens2 so That I could use the placable egg laying station.
Hope you enjoy.

pinguar marthu rc-devil farmer andy

  • Piwko243
    2015-11-20 23:11
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    Super!!! Like all mods from pinguar
  • Jason
    2015-11-21 00:02
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    do u just put this zip file in the mods folder and that's it? when I put it in the mods folder and try to start my game nothing happens it just says game loading but never does. same problem with all add ons. am I doing it wrong?
  • Pinguar
    2015-11-21 00:44
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    jason try it without any other mods in your mods folder or you could look at your log file to see what's wrong
  • Skenzer
    2015-11-21 02:08
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    Works great, thank you! Exactly what I was waiting for to make Sosnovka better map.
  • Christopher
    2015-11-21 03:30
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    how can I install this mop to work in my mods or map Can you help us that way the games will be so much funny something is wrong fix it
  • Pinguar
    2015-11-21 09:27
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    christopher just put this mod in your mods folder and it should work if not then its one of your other mods that is not letting it work. then start a new game using the sosnovka map and this will load into your map
  • Truffle
    2015-11-30 05:22
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    mine works great on the beef and pigs but i cant get the door to trigger on the chickens anyone else had this prob.
  • Eagle355th
    2015-12-01 05:24
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    Awesome Job! Thanks a lot! Salute!
  • Richb
    2015-12-24 15:12
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    The trigger on my chicken2 building will not open either. Everything else works great. Great mod except for this problem. The locations fantastic.
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