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Animated Santa Claus v1.0
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Animated Santa Claus v1.0

Hi LS community,
here I have a placeable animated Santa Claus for you.
The mod has an animation (Santa los flies and comes back ;-)), particle system (Snow), night lighting and sound.
The terrain where the mod will be placed should be reasonably flat, because he could not get past the air otherwise.
I hope I do not forget essential.

Modname: animated Santa Claus placeable
Authors: 112TEC
Date: 12/16/2015

Basic model Santa: Artist3D (Mostaf)
Basic model hut: SRS (Giants)
Rest: 112TEC
Animation and Ingaming: 112TEC

Have fun with it!
1. Release only with original download link. NOT a substitute link
2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or parts of the Mods.
Shares I reserve on request.

Modname: animierter Weihnachtsmann platzierbar
Autoren: 112TEC
Datum: 16/12/2015
Grundmodell Santa: Artist3d (Mostaf)
Grundmodell Hütte: SRS (Giants)
Rest: 112TEC
Animation und Ingaming: 112TEC

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