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AR fertilizers and spraying v1.0
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AR fertilizers and spraying v1.0

Here I have the pack No.4 for setting frame. This time it's the Pack AR fertilizers and spraying to 5.4 m setting frame.

-Fliegl Slurry spreader ARflieglVFW20000 working width of 15 m, capacity 20000
-Kotte Slurry feeder capacity 25000
-amazoneUF1801 fertilizer syringe, working width 24 m, capacity 20000

New is the:
- Manure Spreaders Amazone ZGB8200-10 to 5.4 m setting frame
Working width 42 m with a correspondingly higher consumption. Capacity 10800 l,

New devices added schemas.
Have fun

Original by Giants
Absetzrahmen by Gnescher
Umbau by Gnescher

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