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AR MAN chassis v1.32
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AR MAN chassis v1.32

Here I have a pack tied together for the AR program:
This is the first pack and includes the truck chassis for the 5.4 m frame.

Included are:
-Man AR carrier vehicle chassis was modified, the two rear axles moved slightly forward. On the other rear frame without agricultural coupling. 6x6 drive
-The same MAN as a street version with street tires. Only the two rear axles are driven

an AR trailer achser on Fliegelbasis with deep clutch 2
an AR trailer achser on Fliegelbasis high clutch 2
an AR trailer achser on staple base with deep clutch 3

As a result, the trucks and trailers are combined in one pack. If a neuse chassis or truck comes to that, there is a new version.
Have fun

Original by Giants
Umbau by Gnescher

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    nice mod
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    not trucks forestry crane only
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    Great mod!
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