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AR Shuttle 3.7m v1.0
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AR Shuttle 3.7m v1.0

Here I have a few feeder to 3.7 m setting frame. These are suitable for the MAN and normal agricultural dolly.

Included in the package are:
Fuel tank 15000L (DIY)
Seeds and fertilizers trigger on Brantnerbasis. Need not be filled. By this all seeders and fertilizer spreaders can be filled.
Milk tank 15000 l (with script by Marhu) DIY
Duengertank must be loaded on Duengerpunkt. As a feeder with overcharge function (self) Amazone
Seed tank must be loaded on the seed point. As a feeder with overcharge function Kroegerbasis

Have fun

Original by Giants
Umbau auf Wechselrahmen by Gnescher
Wechselrahmen by Gnescher

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