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Arcusin Autostack FS 32 BALE v1
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Arcusin Autostack FS 32 BALE v1

Hi all,
This is my first mod, i’ve been working on it for 2 months now, and it.

I made the following modifications:
-rearranged the animations
-added bale joints
-added beacons
-added wheels
-made all wheels steering (for better steering)
-added and removed collisions
-made colorable.
-added a sign (credits to Guillaume)

washable: yes
weight: 17k
bale count: 32 bales
multiplayer: yes

I hope you all enjoy the mod as much as I do.
– ditislol10


  • Heitorfs15
    2015-05-15 04:52 Send message
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    very good, but is so long O_ONice job
  • Chevy power
    2015-05-16 15:55 Send message
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    How tf are yous supposed to reach the top bale?
  • Chevy power
    2015-05-16 16:00 Send message
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  • Ditislol10
    2015-05-18 01:31 Send message
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    hi,@HEITORFS15Thanks! iknow, it is a bit long (it is actually 20meters long in game) that's where the steering wheels really do their job [email protected] POWERWell, ehrm.. with a Teleloader :D- ditislol10
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