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Arcusin AutoStack FS63-72 Edited v2.0
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Arcusin AutoStack FS63-72 Edited v2.0


In this edition of Arcusin AutoStack has been removed Collision rear calipers (see image 2), now there is hooked to unload and move forward as sometimes happens and we can also stack the much more together bales, almost hitting each other (see image 3).

A greeting.

Sorry for my English, use Google translator.

Original: Giants
Edited: JavierZzS (Big Boss Modding)

  • Guest
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  • Jacques
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    très intéressant cela facilite de beaucoup le ramassage des balles de paille et le stockage fallais vraiment l'éditer bravo
  • Diego
    2015-02-14 22:52 Send message
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    O mod não funcionou no meu me ajudaria .
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