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ATF modding pack v1.0
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ATF modding pack v1.0

Fuck you El Camino kid this is what you get.
mods for everyone

Mod file has been deleted!

Fag camino

  • Atf


    2016-10-08 00:54
  • Joe lindberg
    2016-10-08 01:02
    Permission or not theres no copyright. Deal with it. read your giants agreement
  • Wow!!!!
    2016-10-08 01:03
    Nice yo know were screwing up the community some more...
  • Bkp12014
    2016-10-08 01:09
    Lol. Nice. BTW it's actually not stealing because the owner of the mods and the owner of these copy didn't declare copyright!
  • Eng51ine
    2016-10-08 01:10
    Nothing wrong with sharing mods. Sweet pack!
  • Gor2106
    2016-10-08 02:00
    This what happens when you ban a friend who has a Russian friend.. *update* the GMC General and the three pete's will crash game. not sue why
  • We get the message
    2016-10-08 02:33
    You are making yet another moder possibly go private. You could of got a hold of him in many ways to discuss but you went the most brutal way of doing so. I hope your happy because your going to be known through the community but not in a good way.
  • Lmfao
    2016-10-08 02:36
    Awesome more ATF junk wont even waste the time to download this pack more shit they took from other games and claim to be there work.
  • Go private
    2016-10-08 02:41
    Let the tool go private his mods are junk just like the rest of ATF crap Like said above and before where is the skill in taking mods from GTA and 18WOS that some one else made and converting them to FS and claiming them to be yours.
  • Go private
    2016-10-08 02:41
    Let the tool go private his mods are junk just like the rest of ATF crap Like said above and before where is the skill in taking mods from GTA and 18WOS that some one else made and converting them to FS and claiming them to be yours.
  • Guest
    2016-10-08 03:07
    No biggie these guys can't really mod anyway, everything they do is either full of errors or crashes the game so....
  • James hall
    2016-10-08 03:32
    You people are stupid as hell haha
  • James hall
    2016-10-08 03:34
    Sure are alot of pussies to talk shit when your name isnt used. lol What us to go private. Cool done! Now people can enjoy your shitty sketchup models with now interior lol.
  • James hall
    2016-10-08 04:04
    Besides, I'm the only cock smoker in the FS community
  • Gor2106
    2016-10-08 04:42
    I really don't care about the statements above. except the one facts that yes they are shit mods.
  • Gor2106
    2016-10-08 05:55
    To you other guys that agree with me about elcaminokid, I am you butt buddy forever!
  • A guy
    2016-10-08 06:19
    sounds like some winey little kid needs some cheese with his wine. instead of releasin someones stuff like a immature brat get off your butt and act mature. The issue with modding communities is parents lettin immature brats have computers and giving em everything they want.
  • Sweey
    2016-10-08 07:53
    nice mods a few needs to be fixed up
  • Papy farming
    2016-10-08 11:58
    Bonjour,Bon vos histoires de cours de récréation me saoul.....Merci pour ce partage beaucoup de mods viennent du FS13 est ces véhicules sont pour la plus part introuvables, j ai pour ma part essayé de migrer certains mods sans succès...... Alors merci et merci aux créateurs , modificateurs long vie au open free
  • Dominic robinson
    2016-10-08 18:08
    honestly I think im done releasing mods too just like ATF im sick of the retarded community and the retards in the community
  • Dominic robinson
    2016-10-08 18:10
    CYF modding either is going private or where done i'll think about it
  • John doe
    2016-10-08 18:42
    Wow i am Laughing at all of you. this is some funny stuff.
  • Gor2106
    2016-10-08 18:49
    What Doe said
  • Gor2106
    2016-10-08 18:50
    This is also why community is so bad because of angry little kids don't want mods that ain't on the download sites to be public
  • Gor2106
    2016-10-08 18:53
    Beside's my PC won't get locked up.. VPN and Virtual
  • Warondar
    2016-10-08 19:22
    Here's something you guys should try. Stop claiming copyright or trademark or ownership of mods that aren't legally yours to begin with. They're would be lot less BS in the amateur mod community if you only asked for credit for the ACTUAL work you did on the mod and nothing else. The rest like total control of where it gets posted, who can modify it (for the 100th time) shouldn't even be a consideration. If it's posted once anywhere, then it's no longer for private personal use.
  • Truth teller
    2016-10-08 20:29
    Who cares? Let their cool little elite website go private. Its farming simulator, not car and truck simulator. They didnt make a single piece of agricultural equipment. Trucks are a dime a dozen and there's 100's of them. What will we EVER do without these spectacular mods???
  • (real)truth teller
    2016-10-08 23:48
    Someone had to hijack my comment handle just so they could protect them self on an internet forum. My job is done, have a nice life champ.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-08 23:58
    no links for this stuff, I couldn't get the DB link to work last night (too much traffic) I wanted to download this stuff for just a few trucks is all I wanted bummer, will links be restored or not.
  • Johndeere5
    2016-10-09 01:38
    why all this brutality??? you guys are all acting like a bunch of 5 year olds c'mon lets be adults and act like adults this game along with all the mods are supposed to be made for people enjoyment not so a bunch of idiots on some website screw it all up for everyone
  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-09 02:50
    JOHNDEERE5 I agree with you 100% everybody here is acting like a bunch of snot nosed 5 year olds, grow up folks, now with the seriousness out of the way, does anybody have a working drop box link for this pack, as I really want it.
  • Guest
    2016-10-09 04:35
    You can download some of these here... http://fs15.lt/en/
  • Poilk
    2016-10-09 07:31
  • Gadevil
    2016-10-10 18:39
    You guys know, I've been trying to stay out of this due to issues between AIM and ATF Modding and Design from the past. But I think it's come time to say something.The whole problem with the community is something called respect. When FS first started out, everyone had respect for the people that had the skills to mod. There was a lot of us who didn't have the skills.
  • Gadevil
    2016-10-10 18:40
    Now we have gotten more PUNKS in the fs community that have this GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME attitude. They don't respect what others do. It's the people like this that have caused so many modders to quit modding. If you want a vanilla game (which you are heading to quickly) then continue to pull the bull your doing, but if you want to enjoy decent mods, learn to respect your self as well as learn to respect others.
  • Gadevil
    2016-10-10 18:41
    You have no respect for yourself, which causes the lack of respect for others. Grow up and learn respect, then maybe we can have good modders in the community.Until then, we will continue to lose the good modders, and the modders who are learning. We will loose the ones that make the game enjoyable.
  • Chevy4life
    2016-10-25 15:37
    damn son XD this is funny shit right here lol
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