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Aussie farms MAP by HOCKS23
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Aussie farms MAP by HOCKS23

In this map you will find 2 different Australian farms that are fictional places but based on farm styles that I have lived on/around when I was younger.
One farm is a broadacre farm and the second is a cotton irrigation farm, Both farms can grow all the fruits which are: Normal fs15 crops + soybeans, oats, sorghum, sunflowers and cotton, but only the Irrigation farm can store cotton.
Both farms come with plenty of starting equipment to get you going
This map is mainly flat, features such as the Irrigation ditches are just for show and have no real function.
NOTE: on the cotton farm cotton is unloaded next to the bales on farm 2 and loaded with all the other crops, cotton and wool can only be sold at the cotton gin.

Note: map has pig/beef, soil mod, chopped straw and multi terrain added.
You will need these mods to play the map but you can leave out the soil mod if you don’t use it.

robbie – blank map, help with spines, wool sellpoint, answer lots of questions
Luke159- textures,foilage layers, and help with my questions
petorious- MultiAngleTerrain, textures,foilage layers
tater salad – SoilMod Tanks
DocElyoc- large shed, fuel tank
NOR3MSTI- textures, foilage layers
lindbejb- Lindbejb Large Shed, Lindbejb Small Shed
patzer89- round bale stack
GoldFox- Tankstelle
sandgroper- Farm Fencing, houses, vehicleshop
ThompsonM06- Grain Bin Pack
kramarj- American Buildings
Atze1978- BigRoadPack
Giants- models,GE
FSmodding- Oil barrels
dimre- Flags
Webalizer- Chopped Straw
Gasper – Farm shed
JohnDeere1952 – Wool Pallet Shelf
Marhu – pig/beef mod
chtiseb – slaughterhouse building
dimre – Hungarian advertising signs
SPARTAN_6 – easyhalls
Luculus – Herbst_trees
[CDATA[RC-Devil] – Lime Silo
shearingShed – Rusty
AT modding- Roundfeeder pack
Freelance Modding Crew – SoilMod

  • Toymaker
    2015-10-23 13:14
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    I really enjoy this map. I like having so many different crops to try...just wish there was a bigger cotton picker available....now I just need to learn to drive on the left side of the road!
  • Hmadsen
    2015-10-23 22:29
    0 0
    @TOYMAKER what do you mean ? A wider cutter or bigger crops tank ? .... I can edit one if you need,,, will drop my [email protected] in NeXT comment if you want one edited..
  • Farmer dave
    2015-10-24 10:09
    0 0
    Good job with this map. I like everything but the traffic. It's bad enough driving on the wrong side of the road but I think you went overboard with the traffic.
  • Gator
    2015-10-24 19:06
    0 0
    Really nice map, but how come my helpers won't drive strait ? They drive in a angle !
  • Gunny
    2015-10-25 02:08
    0 0
    I like the map but I need to download the multifruits mod but I can't find the right one. any help?
  • Toymaker
    2015-10-25 06:45
    0 0
    I'd like to see a John Deere 9950 or something similar. I have seen one, but you can't unload it...might as well unload the cotton like the real ones do.
  • Hocks23
    2015-10-25 12:29
    0 0
    Gunny use the one that comes with the map "STATES v7" it will work
  • Farmerjay
    2015-10-25 20:10
    0 0
    I just download this map I really like it. I am extreamly picky about my maps and only play on a handful. U have added everything I want. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Gunny
    2015-10-26 00:00
    0 0
    How do you fix the hired workers? or just what button do you push to get it to show you the direction you're facing under the time in the top corner of the screen?
  • Johnp
    2015-10-31 11:19
    0 0
    has any one else have trouble with the map loading i can not get map to load
  • Johnp
    2015-10-31 11:22
    0 0
  • Johnp
    2015-10-31 11:24
    0 0
    has any one else have trouble with the map loading can not get it to load
  • Tr_reb
    2016-09-22 13:12
    0 0
    HOCKS23, Nice map. I love just about everything about it. I have the John Deere 9965 cotton picker if I remember right. I can't get it to unload the cotton. I believe the problem is in the trailers I have. Some are supposed to haul cotton but they don't. Can you share a link to a cotton picker and trailer that works well with this map? Thank you for any help you can give me and again, awesome map. I like it.
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