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Autoleveling Combines - Arbos 705A4L & Arbos 40 v1
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Autoleveling Combines - Arbos 705A4L & Arbos 40 v1

Arbos 705 A4L & Arbos 400 AL
Hello everyone! We have created this two AUTOLEVELING Combine in old style very famous in Italy in 1980s. The leveling cames by the original Ponsse ScorpionKing cab and it's completely automatic and reactive. There are two combines in the pack with their cutting unit and the cutter trailer. This mods are part of the project "Hillside Harvest Pack" by TMC Modding wich is a group of packs of autoleveling combines of lot of famous brands.

Completely automatic leveling
Remove the extra wheel weigths by estern trigger
Fully animated belts and rotators
Fully night illumination like the real model

There are two bugs... indoor camera is a little rotated by right, you can solve this by downloading the mod Drive Control that maintain the camera in the position you give it. Then there is the IC command but there aren't any IC... we are sorry for this little problems and we solve they in a V2. Special thanks to Riguzz00 who created the leveling and 352c who created the combines models.
Visit our official FB page "Trattoristi Modding Crew" and be always informated about our projects! Hope you enjoy these mods... have a good game!
The staff of Trattoristi Modding Crew

Model: 352c
Texture: 352c
Script: Riguz00 & TMC Modding
Idea / Concept: TMC Modding, Riguz00 & 352c
Testing: TMC Modding & Riguz00
Other: *DC*, Giacomo91

  • Marko
    2016-09-17 21:02
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    although i got the mod some time ago, only today i decided to try it on a hilly map.it looks and works great, except for a litle detail that influence alot who uses courseplay mod.discharge pipe should be a bit longer, as the tractors need to get very close to combine, and while using courseplay, tractors will keep saying that they are stuck in traffic due the proximity to the combine.other than that, great combine set.
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