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Autoload Timber Runner with rear hitch
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Autoload Timber Runner with rear hitch

This is the in game Timber Runner, with Marhu's autoload log script. I added a hitch to the back so you can attach multiple trailers together with dollies.


  • David
    2016-06-17 21:34 Send message
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    what do u mean auto load ?
  • Dmannshow
    2016-08-03 04:48 Send message
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    I've never written for a mod before. Usually not healthy enough to take the time but this mod, I'm sorry. GREAT mod. Yes, David, it autoloads. Maybe as of the 17th it didn't? I don't know but yes, it autoloads and works just great. Nice job to whoever made this mod. It really, really, really makes forestry fun again. Thanks to the author!
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