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Automatic car wash v1
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Automatic car wash v1

Automatic car wash. Bought in the store \ modification \ static objects. Price 32000. Service 220/day. The cost of the cleaning services $ 1 \ euros per second of playing time, that is an average of 5-15 dollar \ euros per vehicle depending on the size and degree of contamination. Powered filling and draining as free withdraw money for the maintenance of the building. Lighting and icon on the map.
Archive should be unpacked in the folder MODS games. The archive two files:  AvtoMoika.zip and AAA_UniversalProcessKit.zip v.0.9.6
Grateful acknowledgment is the creator of beautiful fashion UPK mor2000

Vertos, Anmiboy, mor2000

  • Guest
    2015-03-29 10:50
    Здравствуйте скажите пожалуйста что нужно ещё скачать чтобы она мыла
  • Guest
    2015-03-29 21:38
    Great idea.. but once purchased I could not delete it? Glad I was just testing it on a test map and not in an actual game.
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