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Aw Trailer Pack v1.0
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Aw Trailer Pack v1.0

The AW Trailer Pack contains 3 Trailers 6T 8T and 12T Trailers, they have Hardpoint and Locking script for Bales,

Full Textures
Hardpoint Extension: Required MOD!! http://vertexdezign.net/downloads/14
Colour Chooser
Bale Attacher
Full Lights
8 and 12 tone have Dynamic axles.

Ingame Costs:
Maintenance: all @ 3 Per day
6 Ton: 5955
8 Ton: 7955
12 Ton: 11955

Now as many of you know i may not make any more mods for some time, i will be back to modding as soon as i can,
For now i hope you enjoy these.

Model: FSModding
Texture: FSModding
Script: FSModding, Vertx/Xentro : Hardpoints
Idea / Concept: FSModding
Testing: FSModding
Other: FSModding

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