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Axion 950 Soundupdate v1.2
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Axion 950 Soundupdate v1.2

Moin Moin!
Sound update for the Axion 950 from CZMOD by DjLitho
Have here a Axion 950 Sound Pack with original sounds for you, because I did not like the standard sound.
You might want to back up the old mod-Zip ( CZMOD_CLAAS_Axion_950.zip make) so that you do not like when can just overwrite the file.

Easy file and folder in the original Mod-Zip ( CZMOD_CLAAS_Axion_950.zip pull) and overwrite existing files in demand. Finished!

Did the Sounds again reworked and adapted the "speeds". The indoor sound is adjusted as soon as there is a reasonable .lua as to LS13 times. Who here can help me or can provide a working script available, can feel free to contact me.

Have fun
by DjLitho

Sound by DjLitho

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