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Backup Absperrtrailer v1.0
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Backup Absperrtrailer v1.0

Since I've found so far only placeable barriers, I once range puts me and built a protection Trailer. The trailer can be found on the road and the Ai Traffic stops behind the trailer
the arrow may be turned on and turned.
Arrow and light stay on in abgehangenem state.
NOTE The trailer can not uphill, be with the fold shield hung. Then he tilts backwards, this is deliberate because it is not possible in reality a tandem trailer without counterweight remedy mountain up.
This is my first mod I hope you'll forgive me that some other things need to be corrected.
The trailer is up to the corona lighting and the lifting cylinder fully functional

I know that there is a similar mod was in LS13 this has brought me to the idea but a convert to LS 15 was not possible, therefore, the trailer has once again been rebuilt.


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