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Baie du mont st michel v2
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Baie du mont st michel v2

Here is the 2.0 version of our map.
All the features of version 1.0 with many improvements.
See the Pictures folder, or all of them that has been modified was photographed.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to test and make us start from the hours findings or suggestions.
"These sets as we go" ...

Voici la version 2.0 de notre map.
Toutes les fonctionnalités de la version 1.0,avec beaucoup d'améliorations.
Voir le dossier images, ou tous se qui à été modifié fut photographié.
Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris du temps pour tester, et nous faire pars de l'heures constatations ou suggestions.
" ces ensembles que nous avancerons  "...

By : zorlac

  • Guest
    2014-11-25 14:13
    GARBAGE, To many error's and call stacks to list here, do not download
  • Kenneth
    2014-11-25 16:04
    Terrible. Just terrible. I'm waiting a few month before I download any "new" maps for fs15.
  • Myro777
    2014-11-25 18:57
    zorlac -Hey, can I ask for a link to the trailer and you can have a joskin [url=http://abload.de/image.php?img=baie-du-mont-st-miche7hduj.jpg][img]http://abload.de/thumb/baie-du-mont-st-miche7hduj.jpg[/img][/url]
  • Myro777
    2014-11-26 18:20
  • Mirek
    2014-11-29 21:10
    plis link http://abload.de/image.php?img=baie-du-mont-st-michececp7.jpg
  • Guest
    2014-12-19 23:44
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