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Baldeykino map edit
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Baldeykino map edit

The collective farm "RUSSIA" d. Baldeykino
Map altered for yourself, especially I changed nothing, and so it is too good. Now a little about what is on the map.
Culture Map + standard rye, oats, sunflower, carrots, onions, clover. The animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, calves, geese, rabbits. There is an apiary, where you can collect honey. Production: a mill, a bakery, a concrete factory, canning factory, distillery, creamery, fish farm, dairy, winery, meat, sausage plant, greenhouse, sawmill.
It is possible to purchase hops and forage for rabbits (but why then is loaded in the Ural-board).
There are fungi that appear only after the rain, fruit trees and vineyards that need watering and manure.
On the map are purchased objects (18 objects), so that at the beginning of the game you have to choose to play with the purchase-objects or that they have already been.
Also on the card prescribed scripts for more realistic:
7.skript dirt,
Yes, we talk about what we need to install additional fashion to the correct operation of the card is pointless probably still will then ask why this or that is not working or is working but not so (additional fashion go together with a map), a separate archive is an additional technique for transportation of all charms.

- Fixed a sawmill;
- Changed some production (made smoking of fish);
- Reversed purchases, added to the purchase of seeds and fertilizers, and bring them to their place;
- Modified fruit trees, added more ingredients to produce fruit, and the fruits grow, but slowly;
- Fruit trees are combined in the farm garden, greenhouses are also integrated;
- Increased volumes of fruit trees, greenhouses, apiary, mushroom and other places;
- Made of cherries storage of apples and pears on the basis of UPK;
- Carried out a small card optimization;
- Cut out most of the scripts;
It seems everything is written, but that it could and forget ...

Update History:
08/01/2016 -> 09/06/2016

ben686(Ден Бен), Krug

  • Terry
    2016-09-06 22:59
    the map will not upload to play it
  • Blacky
    2016-09-06 23:02
    uploadfiles.eu is virused i wouldn't use it you should use modhub instead and use rar files instead of zip file rar files works on my computer zip file doesn't
  • Blacky
    2016-09-06 23:03
    also i love the baldeykino v3 map mod i play the other version that author made
  • Blacky
    2016-09-07 00:17
    baldekinyo v3.2.1 version that i play it's better but i wish they would put real mud in it
  • Terry
    2016-09-07 00:20
    blacky i cant get none if them to work at all
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