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Baldeykino v2.3
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Baldeykino v2.3

Thank you Krassmann
-Large Map
-Large, Not cultivated fields, new textures
Fields with mud holes
-Standardfrüchte And sunflower
-Kühe, Sheep, chickens, cattle and pigs,
-several farms for Soviet Art
Trench silos (Erdsilo?) Manure storage, manure basin
Storage hangar for all crops
-garage With workshop,
-Sägewerk With gate (fence?)
-Different ways full of mud holes,
-Results (Perhaps scoreboards?)
-Transport, Pedestrians, trains
-Überführungen, Bridges, new items
-Exzellentes Terrain, beautiful nature
Transport -Selber milk for sale
-there is a pond where you can catch fish
-the Download extract

Fields done to Buy German sales trigger and fixed another error

V 2.1
Fix resets points
Sunflower Hall increased so that you can run into with the trailer

buy seedlings
Fixed error-server

Sowing sand fish nix
silo kuhhof
Selling mod for seedlings
pda image description
new savegame start because silo


Modpack fish bread sunflowers vehicle

now waiting for ben686 his version then we'll see


  • Luis
    2015-01-28 02:16
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    Where's The Storage Tank In This Map?And Nice Map.
  • Francesko
    2015-02-23 07:29
    0 0
    Mapa moc pěkná veri, veri, gut - OKAY OKAY. Prosím kde je sklad sena(GRASS) a nebo sklad plevy(CHAFF)? Děkuji...
  • Blacky
    2016-03-05 02:59
    0 0
    good map mod
  • Blacky
    2016-03-25 23:08
    0 0
    no sunflower seed in it to planet they should take it off the game prices storage page on this map mod
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