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Bale Fork Hydraulic height adjustable v0.9.8
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Bale Fork Hydraulic height adjustable v0.9.8

Today I imagine out my "bale fork tines 2 hydraulically adjustable" pure.
In basically it is a normal fork ball, but with the option to extend the Upper carrier. This is handy if you for example. want to carry two instead of a square bales at once!
The carrier can take in the "5" key Up and down!

Bale fork with Euro-cavity, especially for the stacking of round and square bales.
The stable heavy duty tines ensure that driving silage bales is possible.
The tines are mounted in a strong, solid bushings, allowing for maximum durability.
The support tube is reinforced in the area of the prongs back and forth.
It is not allowed the mod on other sites upload!


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