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Baleshredder v1.0
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Baleshredder v1.0

Platzierbarere Bale shredders

For sale of grass, hay and straw bales or loose straw and grass (hay).
Prices are the same as on the map.

The rollers Dregen only if you put tilts loose straw or grass.
In multiplayer that looks unfortunately only the hoster.
Animation of the rolls if you're into it tilts bales me also not yet succeeded.

Price in shop: 11000 €, maintenance costs: 11 € / day,
Multiplayer Yes,

If someone wants to obstruct these Bale shredders on a wallet do not need to ask. it is allowed!

modder: usxi7sd,
Script "PlaceableTipTrigger" by rafftnix

  • Möchtegernbauer
    2015-07-29 14:58
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