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Baling Krone Ballengigant Trailer v1.0
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Baling Krone Ballengigant Trailer v1.0

big hay trailer no warnings or errors

MTL Modding Team und Bavaria Modding, PurpleKnight Modding

  • Pkm


    2016-08-09 20:32 Send message
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    COPENHAGEN did you fix the issue of the trailer causing your game to crash if you lock / unlock the bales after using the auto load feature? How about the issue of bales turning invisible if left on the trailer after saving / exiting?
  • Copenhagen
    2016-08-09 21:21 Send message
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    @ pkm im not aware of any issues with this trailer when i took it in game i didn't have any problems with hay bales...but There is another trailer like this one that's out that crashes your game but it has a wood floor...
  • Zzzzz
    2016-08-10 22:53 Send message
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    it works great for me, just make sure to unload bales before exiting game or bales will be scattered all over the farm, but most auto load trailers have this same issue anyways, but it indeed works flawlessly for me, this one & the thunderhawk are my 2 favorite bale trailers.
  • Daddy-j760
    2016-09-05 23:25 Send message
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    Will not pick up anything i have it in my mods folder un zipped it and its in game just DOES NOT PICK SHIT UP i have tried many combos and nothing works
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