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Ball band v2.1 Keyfix Nicht fahrbar
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Ball band v2.1 Keyfix Nicht fahrbar

This is the ball band of the modding community LS2013 Converts to the LS15.
To use the belt, it must be coupled to a tractor. Then enter and go
It can actually be loaded bales just the standard.

The texture of the band is still incomplete So do not worry in the final version it will be light, dirt and give better textures.
Many thanks to Marhu that I could convert and upload.
Who discovered spelling mistakes you keep to yourself; D

MythosofModding und Marhu haben an diesem Mod gearbeitet

  • Dictionarymcfuckstick
    2016-07-05 01:10
    Keep your fucking mom to yourself, slut.
  • @ dictionarymcfuckstick
    2016-07-06 00:30
    Shut your pie hole dick head now one cares about spelling on some stupid mod sight. All your doing is looking for something to bitch about to fulfill your shitty life. Just like half the other retards on here trolling to see what kind of shit you can start.
  • Cooke
    2016-07-06 05:26
    thanks for the mod, i am looking forward to using it, i have been waiting for something like this
  • None of ur business
    2016-07-06 06:39
    like the mod but does not hold the bales in
  • Ash1223
    2016-07-07 23:32
    where can i get the tractor???
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