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Ball bearings v1.3
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Ball bearings v1.3


here I have a ball bearing in 2 versions for you.
The first is with a wooden wind protection
the second is no shelter from

In addition to the the two camps in the size adjusted to the to the
Arcusin AutoStack FS 63-72 can store the bales comfortable.

The measures are as follows:
20.4 (wide) x 10m (deep) x 9m (high)

This mod is of course Placeable game, just drop it in your mods folder the Ballenlager.zip.
So I hope you enjoy the mod you have a lot of fun with it.

So the roofers and electricians were there now both ball bearings have a gutter and a photovoltaic system generates this day about 6000 kWh of electricity, which in turn corresponds to a daily intake of about 3600 € (unfortunately is in the shop Hourly not yet ingestion but appear under other income is credited Hourly € 150).

other changes:
Changed Collision again
Texture changed when Betongsokel, now the metal, metal and concrete is no longer
Mod is now available at placeable objects
Store Description will now be displayed
Adjusted price and maintenance costs

So if you still have suggestions or requests drop me a pn or leave a commend.

Version 1.1
Adjusted light reflection
Collision inserted (so should the ball bearing with the BaleExtension match)

This mod may not be re-loaded high, please use the orginal download link to link.


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