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Bandit Truck Trailer and Car v1.0
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Bandit Truck Trailer and Car v1.0

This is my custom Bandit Trailer for Fs15. the truck is the original kenworth w900a bandit semi converted from FS13. the car has Been put into blender to add the paint to the hood of the car getting rid of the add strip. MUST un RAR and drop all 3 mods into the mod folder...

Bandit trailer made by winston9587 & CarolinaBoy, Bandit semi made by oxtar converted by winston9587 & CarolinaBoy, Transam made by modall Fixed in Blender and Reskined by winston9587 &CarolinaBoy;.

  • Punkadylan
    2016-02-29 15:33 Send message
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    awesome job winston
  • Silja88
    2016-02-29 16:47 Send message
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    beautiful mod
  • Winston958
    2016-02-29 16:59 Send message
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    @PKMODDING the truck is the semi from fs13 i just converted it as for the car if you check the hood has been re done in blender i baked the image to the hood the one that was out has an add strip in the hood get your fact's straight before you make comments.
  • Pkmodding
    2016-02-29 17:09 Send message
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    @WINSTON958 Dont matter where ther truck came from, FACT is its NOT a proper truck for this at all. TRUE smokey and the bandit fans know this. Face it, your screwed it up.
  • Deez
    2016-02-29 17:10 Send message
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    very nice mod winston9587, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tommy0680
    2016-02-29 17:44 Send message
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    @ PKMODDINGhave you created any mods, or did you just edit existing [email protected] WINSTON958Nice conversion of the truck, keep up the good work.
  • Blacky
    2016-02-29 23:38 Send message
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    awesome mods the only problem is when you play the music it won't shut off i tried to press keypad 9 and it won't shut it off it needs to fixed plz
  • Gord
    2016-03-01 01:16 Send message
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  • Blacky_sound
    2016-03-01 02:04 Send message
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    I think if you have the trailer and truck you need to tab back to the truck to turn it off.
  • Konrad67pl
    2016-03-01 15:46 Send message
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    Nice pontiac Trans-AM realy good mod
  • Blacky
    2016-03-01 23:03 Send message
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    next someone should make the dukes of hazzard theme cars
  • Thunder
    2016-03-02 00:43 Send message
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    PKMODDING don't talk shit about Winston's at least he converts mod all you do is talk shit about mods and your mods are all shit you take mods and edit them.
  • Cynchd03
    2016-03-02 01:22 Send message
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    the truck and trailer won't show up in my game
  • Pkmodding
    2016-03-02 08:52 Send message
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    Actually, I am in no way affiliated with Technic mods. Get your facts right. Any TRUE Smokey and the Bandit fan knows that truck is a disgrace and I have spoken to a few and have all agreed with me. Plain and simple. The trailer and car are fine. Sorry im not a blind ass kisser like all of you.
  • Not dissing winston
    2016-03-03 00:22 Send message
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    Winston, I like your work, but the trailers a little off, meaning the bumper & the axle setup is 2 far forwardhttp://s454.photobucket.com/user/bermuda-ken/media/TRUCKS/smb-2.jpg.html
  • Eagle355th
    2016-04-05 20:13 Send message
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    Nice Job! Awesome Mod! Thank You!
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