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Baranchon Forestere v2.0 Multifruit
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Baranchon Forestere v2.0 Multifruit

Crops: Wheat, Barley, Maize, Rape, Potato, SugarBeet, Grass, Sunflower, Oat and Alfalfa.
Animals: Cows, Beefs, Calves, Chickens, Breeding chickens, Chicks, Sheep, Pigs and Lambs
Size of the map: Average
Land Type: Semi-rolling
Fields of numbers: 17
Farm Type: Modern and large

Main functions:
SeedMaster By Farmer Andy
Huhnermast By Farmer Andy
Compost Master By Farmer Andy
Machines for Potato By Farmer Andy
Watermod By Marhu
Pigs, Beefs, Calves, Lambs and Chicks By Marhu
Cattle market By Marhu
Mixing station By Marhu
Board manufactured by Marhu
Guelle Mist Kalk Mod By Mannie313 & Marhu
Digital Signage By Blacky BPG and Nils23
Digital Scale with Statistics By BPG Blacky
SpyCam By LKxStudios
Lager Kartoffel by Pandamha
Chopped Straw By Webalizer
Multifruit By Upsidedown and Eribus
Gazstation Extented By Bpg Blacky

Mods Mandatory:
Guelle Mist Kalk
Animation Map Trigger
Joskin Betimax RDS 7500
Fliegl Mehrzweck Auflieger
Sowing Machine Pack
Chopped Straw V 15.0.05
Kotte Universal Pack

Thanks to all those who give my help to this map thus q big thanks to all the team and Marhu itself.
The map can be shared on other websites, but please only use the original download link!

Mutri for Fs 13
Converting and Editing By OptimaluS for Fs 15

  • Damien
    2015-09-22 19:23
    Jolie map,dommage manque un bâtiment de ponte œufs !
  • Berny
    2015-09-23 03:02
    Très belle map sauf un petit bug, if faut complètement sortir de FS2015 si on veut faire un in & out sinon quand l'on reviens l'écran fige.
  • Jacky
    2015-09-24 12:23
    Superbe map, mais j'ai un probleme dans les animaux je n'ai que vache, poule, mouton et pas le reste, aucun mods d'installer et version 1.3 . Avez vous une reponse à me donner . Merci
  • Shaun broderick
    2015-09-26 17:32
    This is looking like an amazing map, but I really wish there was an English version, or at least some form of translation at all of the various sell/tip points.
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