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Bauer Fritz v1.0 mix feeder
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Bauer Fritz v1.0 mix feeder

Hey Guys and LS Süchtels ... Some may 13 if I do not remember Bauer Fritz from LS astray yet perhaps vague .... had since the LandLust and except fritz Map offered. And have me times but to resist struggled through to get into the LS. Hope it was not a mistake .....

Preface: I have only tested only in single player mode and approved the Map. My log. has been clean with me and had no burglaries or other. I have designed the map according to my wishes, and especially for the single game.

The landscape is fictitious, and has no reference to a real environment.
There was emphasis on singleplayer and created large fields, all the animals have been placed on the main courtyard as
the vehicles. The pig and cattle breeding / fattening v5 has been relocated to the farm 2, further open spaces have been created for free placeable mods. Some woods and a meadow must be erwoben is to manage it.
A forest is angesplanzt and must be purchased for man- agement. Have quite a lot of emphasis on details, and all
Trees along the roads and country lanes are without Collision and additionally there are any field from the outset owned by the farmers.

Required Mods:

Woodworking Pack1 placeable V1.2: http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=140&t=3914#p48353

Modell: BauerFritz78
Textur: BauerFritz78
Script: BauerFritz78
Idee / Konzept: BauerFritz78
Tester: BauerFritz78
Sonstige: BauerFritz78

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