Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Fixed some terrain issues.
Allowed travel around some hills.
Added different style road hills.
Cowzone BGA was raised (couldnt empty last 1%.
Added storage for manure and grass/windrow/chaff at greenHouse area.
Added Lumber Mill (requires straw or chips for fuel) and of course trees for lumber.

This is BAXLEY
A 4x map with rolling hills 7 new crops, beef, pig, lamb, chicken fattening mods and 3 greenhouses.
The map terrain is based off of South Georgia but I added a few extra details to make it better looking.
Crops installed are:
Cotton    - uses round head!
Oat      - uses round head!
Soybean   - uses round head!
Millet   - uses round head!
Sorghum - uses flat head!
SugarCane - uses round head!
Sunflower - uses flat head!
Game menu will only show growth stages on first 5. Wish I knew a fix.
There are 5 farms to eliminate excess hauling across the map.
There is plenty of room to place your own buildings and store your equipment.
Installed mods:
1. Soilmanangement mod (read intructions inclosed)
2. ChoppedStraw mod
3. pig beef chicken lamb fattening (lamb also requires milk for production but will reach 100% without)
4. Water Mod (increases production by 10%)
5. Market to purchase animals cheaper (you still have to haul them to farm)
6. Pallet Spawn Wool Collector
7. Compost soil machine (makes manure)
8. Tomato, cabbage, & lettuce green houses. (Requires wheat for seed, water, fuel, & fertilizer from blue barrels) You can sale the pallets at greenHouse or spinnery.
There are 4 files inside the zip.
1. BAXLEY       - Map
2. zzzCompostsoil.zip - place in mod folder
3. ZZZ_multiFruit - place in mod folder
4. ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard
5. Soilmanagement instructions.
6. MapInfo.txt
Required mods:
1. AnimationMapTrigger http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/35932 needed for chicken house doors to operate
2. ChoppedStraw mod- http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2 If your computer lags, you can leave this one out, but adds a nice touch to harvesting
3. SoilManagement zip- http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/36108 adds a unique experience to the games farming. Read the Instructions text

A big thanks to Robert Johnson & his family for the many hours they spent testing this map and putting up with my changes!

Many Thanks to these guys below for their mods and help:
American Eagles Modding Team
Fs-UK modding Team
Mike Lowery
RC Devil
Daniel Wollschl├Ąger
Jakob Tischler
NI Modding
Jon Cable
OGC modding
Tiago Pilento
Lazy Mod Studios
Bernie SCS
If I forgot anyone please email me, I'll be glad to add you to the list of creators.
But seriously
Thank you

  • Nito
    2015-11-18 15:48
    instaler et enlever , le probleme l'herbe et trop haute ,il faudarais maitre une ferme au milieux et ses tout
  • Donr
    2015-11-19 02:30
    If that tall yellow and green grass was not there it makes the pc slow in them areas this is the only map that does I like the map but won't play it with that grass
  • Bor


    2015-11-19 02:59
    I agree ...awesome map but that grass really lags ya up im cuttin down trees to try to make it better
  • Ereedks
    2015-11-19 07:51
    I have two questions. One- the animal status page shows the lambs need milk but I am not able to get milk at the tank next to the milking machine. Also it shows the fattening chickens need silage but it won't accept silage in any of their feeding areas. I have no problem with the grass slowing down my system. 16 gigs of RAM, and my video card has four gigs of VRAM maybe makes a difference. I love the map!!
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-11-19 14:07
    I enjoyed the map, until I started to run into problems, such as it wouldn't harvest the sunflower crop (using a thick stock header/flat), cotton crop wouldn't harvest with a (real header/round) I had to use a JDcotton havester, the oats crop won't harvest at all, the sugarcane seems to grow to a certian stage and stops. Not sure why I am having such problems harvesting certian crops, so any help would be greatful??
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