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Bayern Allgau Bavaria v0.9 Beta
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Bayern Allgau Bavaria v0.9 Beta

Now the time has come. The Bayern / Allgäu - Bavaria is is now officially released.

a courtyard, LU, 2 forestry farms
Hof: MixFeeder, many individual stock for cereals, beef cattle, pigs, sheep fattening, cows, sheep, seed, fertilizer warehouse, Seedmaster (pesticides is needed), compost Master (with kaufbarem compost storage), pig feed production, ...
purchasable items
Plenty of room for UPK greenhouses / Trees
Production of wooden pallets, wooden apex and charcoal
Traffic / pedestrian
large forest with several trees

The map is divided into 2 parts. It just does not help, because the map is simply too large. If that does not fit, the Map invites not down easily and leaves no stupid comments.
Unpack can all best with WinRar. simply given a right kick click on a pack and unpack. Then 2 zip files in it. This shift in the modfolder. Who by unpacking problems googling a bit!
If you start on the Map, you end up in your farmhouse. In this you have a staircase to go down to the exit before the door is a buy button. Because you should go, otherwise you have no entry fee ;)
In addition, you have no starting vehicles and no starting fields. So plan well, that you also enough money!

Images of Map can you here look.

Use the full functionality of the Map Mods following are required:
- Map-Zip (included in the download)
- Multi Fruit module Bavaria (included in the download)
- UPK-Mod
- ROS warehouses
- ROS vegetable growing 1
- ROS vegetable growing 2
- ROS fruit and berry 1
- ROS Fruits and Berries 2
- Apfelmod
- MixFeeder
- Multi Fruit
- Multivitamin128
- AnimationMapTrigger
- Terrain and Dirt module
- MapBuyableObjects
- MapDoorTrigger (LS13, but is also in the 15s)
- GMK-Mod (Note instructions!)

Recommen / Additional mods (not necessarily required):
- Chopped Straw

Instructions (Please read, answers most questions!):
Instructions for V0.9: Manual (uploaded.net) or manual (Dropbox)
And now I wish you much fun with the map !!
The map may not be available on other websites without my permission. Re-upload of objects of the Map is prohibited without my permission.
Moreover stupid and unnecessary comments are not allowed.

Mapper: RaptorX & kevink98

  • Pijko
    2016-06-21 18:40
    Why such none descriptive pictures? No idea what kind of map I would download this way. At least a picture of the PDA would help a lot but it seems that is against the rules on this website. Or why is there almost never a PDA-Picture included?
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