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BeaconLights v2.0
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BeaconLights v2.0

In the Giants world  all the beacon lights turn with the same frequency. But in real life, it looks like that each lamp has its own rotary engine, so all lights have their own rotation frequency. And that's what I adjust with this mod.
You need to save only the ZIP file in the mod folder. The mod automatically builds up when starting the game in all vehicles  (no matter whether it is a Vespa,  a front weights, or a combine). If the corresponded vehicle is loaded, it changes by all the detected beacons the rotational speed at random to not more then +-5%.
The result can be seen in the video, the beacon lights have all now slightly different rotation frequencies and do not turn stubborn sync with each other.
Of course you can also manually change this rotational speed in all your xml files, but so it goes easier and you must not change the original Giants vehicles.
The mod is purely a visual adaptation for people who like it more realistic. The game will be not easier, the income is not greater, that cows give no more manure, but YOU will look better with it ;-)
Sorry, I forgot, in MP I have tested it, I'm just playing in SP. When someone can test it and write a feedback, it will be helps for other guys (and girls) here.

New in V1.1 adjustable:
Who want adjust the speed of each beacon light individually, can download the V1.1 adjustable. As in V1.0, it changes the speed of all beacon lights by chance, but with three shortcuts, it's possible to change them ingame manually.
It is controlled via the keyboard shortcut:
RIGHT CTRL + UP (Increase of rotation speed by 5%)
RIGHT CTRL + DOWN (Decrease rotational speed by 5%)
RIGHT CTRL + RIGHT (jump to the next light)

The commands work only in the selected device (key G). By all drivable vehicles with beacon lights, it set an attribut, that it will be selectable with an attached trailer (for LS13 exist also a mod for that) , So you havn't to disattach the trailer for setting the lights on tractor. A help text is not deliberately shown, I think, the help menu will be already stuffed. The adjust rotational frequencies are not saved when you exit the game. It's better, when you change this in the XML-files directly

New in V2.0:
V2.0 is now also runnig with the LightsAddon. Only the function to adjuste the speed ingame as in V1.1 adjustable is not running, but the main function, to change automaticaly the rotational speed of each beacon lights a little bit, is running.


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