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Bear mountain fire mod pack leaked v1.0
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bear mountain fire mod pack leaked v1.0

bear mountain fire mod pack leaked


  • Bmfrs
    2016-08-14 16:02
    you baster u have no right to put private mods on here or anywhere
  • Anonymous
    2016-08-14 16:38
    hahaha no mod is fucking private once it's in i3d format. Oh and it's especially not private once you give it to ONE person or more. So uhm Bear Mountain, your little bitches bring this on yourselves.. grow the fuck up and start acting like you got a fucking set of ballz.. Fucking kids these days.. it's just a fucking game. you should be happy that some people actually like your shitty firetruck mods.
  • Donald
    2016-08-14 17:44
    Holy Shit, those are some way oversize fire engines!
  • Name
    2016-08-14 20:04
    Why the fuck does it take 9 hours to download?
  • Duramax
    2016-08-14 20:39
    Lmao, Thanks for doin that before i did.
  • @bmfr
    2016-08-14 20:49
    Quit whining like like the little bitches you guys are, this is what happen when you piss of member that was on your department, to be honest here all you guy own is the logo on the side of the trucks you guys didn't spend countless hours making these, you all rip someone off on the 3d warehouse from google and never gave them credit at all, so who is the one stealing mods I think it you guy are and lets not add this in you all replace the I3d files from and existing mod and call it your work.
  • @bmfr
    2016-08-14 20:51
    You guys want respect from people who have your mods but you all cant respect the true modder who spend countless hours on one thing, so sit on your dam hands before you type something retarded as you did
  • Bmfrs
    2016-08-14 22:20
    this is not fair i have called the cops iam talking to a lawyer i will sue the person that took my mods and uploaded them i have all so told my mom and she is mad
  • Faster download
    2016-08-14 22:28
    this website has a faster download http://www.farming2015mods.com/
  • @bfmrs
    2016-08-14 23:01
    Sorry buddy, but your lawyer won't be able to do shit! Once it's posted on a modding website, it becomes the property of Giants, as it has been stated many, many times before. If you don't want your mods leaked, then don't piss someone off; then your mods, whether they are good or not, can stay private until you decide to release them or not
  • @bfmrs
    2016-08-14 23:33
    BFMRS you are a ASS HAT shut up
  • Fordman19
    2016-08-14 23:36
    who has the .zip folder
  • Insert dick into bfmrs mouth
    2016-08-15 00:11
    hahaha, yet another whinny ass hat crying about his mods getting leaked. i don't think that comment about lawyers and cops came from the real BFMRS. but as said lawyers can't and won't do shit. once you used GIANTS EDITOR they become GIANTS property and anyone is free to do anything they want with them. so get the sand out of your vagina and move on.
  • @bmfrs
    2016-08-15 01:52
    BMFRS have you actually read the Giants ToS? Once you put something in GE, it becomes property of Giants. You have NO grounds for legal action you dumb fuck. Your wasting your time. Get over it, your shitty mods are out.
  • Giants lawyer
    2016-08-15 04:21
    Read the agreement. It's called a LICENSE Agreement. It is the Text that comes up when you install the GIANTS EDITOR. AS in the maker of Farming Simulator, Giants, gave you the editor to make things for our Game. However, WE have the right to take any mod released and use in future games WITH no compensation to anyone. We own the Game, We own the Editor, you make mods and share them, We own the mods! Sorry, We created this, you agreed.
  • Bmfrs
    2016-08-15 04:33
    this is BS i made the mod and all the hours in it i bought the model so yes i can sue..and for the person or persons that did this u should be guilty of theft..giants u can suck it too
  • Bmfrs
    2016-08-15 04:36
    i wish y'all would stop calling me names its rude
  • Wait a minute
    2016-08-15 07:09
    you created the mods oh how i find this funny because you rip people off from the warehouse of google then you take mods that are in game and put a body on it, you want proof dam tell me what fire unit has a tag on it because I would love to see this
  • Lmao
    2016-08-15 08:27
    To BMFRS, Seriously dude, pull your head out of your ass. Yea, you may have made these, or "lego built" them or whatever. Now go read the Giants Terms for GE! Once a 3d model is put in GE and converted to .i3d file, it technically belongs to them. You have ZERO....absolutely ZERO grounds for any kind of legal action. Just get over the fact this junk is out and move on. Any real lawyer will tell you this. You do not own the rights to any .i3d file. Period.
  • Bmfrs
    2016-08-15 09:03
    im still mad and upset yall are making fun of me for no reason i have work real hard on the models i used the money i earned to buy them i haven't done nothing wrong on the other hand yall have stolen my mods and that is a crime..its against the law to steal mods and maps..
  • Warondar
    2016-08-15 17:15
    The thing is, those copyright notices aren't even legal, and could actually get the person claiming the copyright to be in legal hot water from the 'real' copyright owners. Chances of that happening? Pretty small, but it's still a possibility.Do some reading on disclaimers for all the programs you use to make these 'mods' and Giants End User Agreement and other legal documents they have.Better yet, ask a copyright lawyer.
  • Bmfrs
    2016-08-15 21:55
    Seriously the guys payed money for all of these mods and took time to detail them and assholes like you steal them and call them yours
  • FYI you are a person that knows nothing. I do not say I own the models. I have made some of the beds from scratch including the bed on engine v2. I give credits to where all credits are due. You would have seen that if I the origional person that got them in game posted them. Oh wait I did not upload them. So you would not know. I have a list of everyone that has taken part in all of the models I have made, or parts I have used
  • William hawkins @bmfrs
    2016-08-16 04:10
    BMFRS it is time to call you out. If you are from the clan you need to stop. You did not help with any mods we have. You are another person that I am sick of. I do not like liars. We did not pay for the models. I did pay for the siren files. Please Stop Now. I do not need more problems and FYI you can not sue them for stealing them it is in Giants Terms and Agreements. Get your facts straight
  • Unknown
    2016-08-16 18:17
    Oh Mr. Hawkins glad to see you join in on this, you should know who i am as I have your trucks and live the hell out of them and will agree with you you put out some nice models
  • Tyler hulett
    2016-08-17 04:07
    were is the the other tanker at thats in the picture and the so called crash truck cause half of the trucks in the picture arent in the pack
  • Unknown
    2016-08-17 14:26
    once a mod hit the free world i legaly gaints read the fine print cry baby
  • Bkp12014
    2016-10-08 08:03
    Lol. Nice to see you guys actually stole the original truck body from KickDownGTA. Stupid dumb fucks that have no life.
  • Austinosmalls
    2016-11-16 00:32
    http://dl-file.com/dwtjfdhspay6/Fire_mod_pack.rar.htmlThis is the link for it.
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