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Bednar ProSeed v3.0
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Bednar ProSeed v3.0

Hi LS-Com
To put a different color and a different brand into play here a
Bednar ProSeed direct seed

Version 3:
New Dirttexturen
Changed markers, thus jumping should be resolved
Changed Dirttime
Revised textures

Version 2

Built fertilizing function,

that you may have 3 operations in one unit, sow cultivating and fertilizing.

The machine can optionally be filled with seed or Fertilizer

Fields must not be previously grubbed or plowed

V1_1 update:

Collision errors of warnings generated in the log eliminated
Rollers and wheels stop when lifting the machine
Dirttime increased slightly
Capacity 4500 l and in real shop.
For some, the machine has jumped apparently, has never occurred to me
but should also be resolved with the Collision error

Thanks for the useful comments, so that you can work :)

Working width: 7 m, Price: 55.000 € Maintenance: € 15
Capacity 14.000l
Fruit varieties: wheat barley rape maize sugar grass
Hochglanzlack: NO: Washing

The mod does not need to be unpacked!
Since it but a lot of changes were exclusively meaningful comments (can not test because I do not play in multiplayer)

more mods can be found on my website

And as always:
This mod is built according to my ideas, it is not forced to download.
The mod may be published on other sites just below the ORIGINAL LINK
The mod may be published on other sites as long as only the ORIGINAL LINK will be used!


  • Bemo
    2015-05-02 17:38
    Nice mod but how do you get it to fertilize and seed at same time?
  • Jtman
    2015-05-03 02:38
    I have v2 of this and like it.. however this version seems to track crooked for some reason. Depressing.
  • Wayne
    2015-05-05 23:52
    hey man can u make one bigger plz
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