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Beet cutter v1
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Beet cutter v1

Model: Ruebenschneider from the DC

This idea .. a turnip cutter to use is to the beet you in his own camp has to feed the cows and
not only for sale. (You can also take potato) the Ruebe and potato are then processed into compound feedingstuffs.
I would like to again thank Marhu has prepared me the trigger and the Script's to add to the tailor, and also for his release.

The installation ..
Built for experienced users with Giants Editor knowledge and Modde No income.
The Ruebenschneider folder .. best out there -> map / models / objects .. therefore needs their listings do not change the Moddesk.
After you have opened your map you go to the File tab / import then into the turnip cutter and Imports folders you
the Ruebenschneider i3D at the specified place (KuhstallTrigger)
!! IMPORTANT !! The cutter so the ref Place the trigger from the tailor in the feeding trough Tigger projects. see image. bask
He later does not work!

!! DANGER !!
There may be error messages in the log when using the mixing station since they are constructed both on this script

Credit by Marhu
Funky idea

That must have in the ModDesk your map!
</ Text>
<Text name = "Ruebenschneider"> <s> mixing plant </ s> <en> Ruebenschneider </ de> </ text>
<Text name = "RuebenschneiderVoll"> <s> Product storage full </ s> <en> mixing tank full </ de> </ text>
<Text name = "RuebenschneiderLager"> <s> empty storage </ s> <en> empty </ de> </ text>
</ Text>

<Additional source files>
<Source file filename = "map / models / objects / Ruebenschneider / scripts / MischStation.lua" />
<Source file filename = "map / models / objects / Ruebenschneider / scripts / LiveTicker.lua" />
<Additional source files>

map / models / objects / Ruebenschneider / scripts / MischStation.lua "/>
This path can Vareieren depending on where it deposits the Ruebenscheider! Please Make it.

Ending with:
I hope I have the Readme hinbekommen somewhat understandable, if not Slay Me!

Ps: Comments are off for questions please a whole lot Answers are only in our forum read because there already exists.
For Enquiries click here!

I thank you for your Verständiss!


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