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Belarus 2522DB v1.0
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Belarus 2522DB v1.0

Hello there,
Here I imagine you to "Belarus 2522DB" in the revised version.
Model runs largely on standard script and is LOG FREE!
Many things / parts were completely renewed and built.
The textures of the Contractor are to look old, so faded, dirty, rusty, scruffy.
As the executor is needed are a few things broken, missing, etc, such as. Bent / broken Fender, defective lamps / headlamps are missing.
After all, is not a new executor more, but where already has some operating hours on the clock, but he runs and runs and runs.
The Belarus's just not get shut small and quasie unverwüsstlich. :-))
But the whole is intentional on the model of what I wrote above.

Lights, brake lights, turn signals, front and rear work light, RUL
Rotation feature of the camera during Indoorcam- perspective in steering
Tire tracks and tire dust
animated Farmer
animated Amaturen
animated Fronthydraulik
animated Heckhydraulik
Interactive Control
To open the left door from the outside / close (button R)
Indoor Sound
and much more……

Functions that are controlled by IC:
Left door
Right door window
Left side window
Right side window
Rear window
Front hydraulic arms
Twin tires front
Zwilling Rear Tires
All IC functions are saved with the game.
The patch 1.3 or later must be installed!
I wish you much fun with the mod.
MfG Coyote

andrei semenov LSSA, Wile E. Coyote

  • Crackerjack
    2015-12-31 16:45
    AWESOME mod, great work.
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