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BenNordwestMecklenburg v0.9.1 Beta
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BenNordwestMecklenburg v0.9.1 Beta

This is BenNordwestMecklenburg Bêta.
This is a map converted from FS13.
I converted the map and added Chopped Straw and GMK mod. It is possible that this version also includes some small minor problem. This map is a Beta release.
I also increase the density of foliage and replace corn silos, so you have the MapBGASilo
Thank you to respect the original link to the map

Convertion: JoaPtifou

  • Marcus
    2016-08-02 13:37
    stolen map !!!original http://www.modhoster.de/mods/benz-nordwestmecklenburg--3?image_page=3#description
  • Beavis
    2016-08-03 22:36
    its not a stolen map, lol. this website uploads all the mods like every other page
  • Blacky
    2016-08-05 13:09
    marcus once you make a map mod or other mods on here modhub owns it so they repeat back on here read there contract and rules it tell you
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