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Bergfeld v1.3
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Bergfeld v1.3

Welcome in Bergfeld

Here is my new version promised. Please read the Ändurungen up in the Changelog.

V 1.0
This map has been completely rebuilt for the LS15. The Map includes 5 unloading stations. Plus 2 villages and 2 courtyards. There is also the pig Mod of Marhu and a complete production chain of pig feed (thanks to Farmer_Andy).
1 sawmill, there are also actions and the forest also.
In order to produce pig feed potatoes are needed. These are in the Kartoffelwaschmaschiene eingfüllt (required water + diesel). As secondly you have to the washed potatoes into the steamer fill (range). And finally, still in the ForageMaster where they are chopped up (steamed potatoes). This can then feed the pigs.

-2 Yards
-5 Unloading stations
-2 Villages

Required Mods:
- Animated Map trigger Vertex
- Kotte Universal
- Milk Trailer
- Multifruit

Have fun playing and a thank you to the modders for their mods.
Is there Wünche what should be present in the next version you are welcome to send me a private message.
The map can be uploaded anywhere else without my permission!

If you feel like kannste times visiting my website:
Game Helper
Hotfix does not load !!!

-El Cid
-Fendtfan1 (Chris)
-Locke SB

  • 100 konja
    2015-08-25 01:00
    After 3 years of following all good sites, and never finding a map which I really want, appeared Bergfield. .......It is some kind of miracle. This is exactly the ideal map I have imagined, and thank you very very much. Perfect in all !I deeply appreciate the work you have done. You ´ve made one guy very happy.Brilliant!
  • 100 konja
    2015-08-25 21:39
    I have played yesterday and today, and I can confirm my initial opinion. Whole map is so.. Comfortable. Everything is on the right place. I like open spaces, and there is lot of that. Terrain is very natural, and village on the mountain is a gem. If you chose to improve on that, so be it. I would like the little bigger map, and that is only wish I have. All others you have already fulfilled . Maybe multifruit?
  • Midnyte
    2015-08-27 23:03
    where do you find the diesel and what do you use to transport it with
  • Sam


    2015-08-29 02:27
    map doesnt load :(
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