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Bergmann Carex 38S v1.0
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Bergmann Carex 38S v1.0

As has always bothered me to the original, he was never really full, and the rear part was easy Platt, I have the times changed and is now fully charged, even to the superiors board wall edge and the rear has no big flat spot more. Reference may be said, however, that should the Häckselklappe her slightly open, as the Fillplane looking through bask

Another new feature is that you can give determine the destination of the harvester, downhill and thus itself determines how the chopper fills your followers. Whether smoothly from beginning to end or überwolbt, anything is possible. This is controlled via Mouse Control, simply press the right mouse button and move the mouse NaNH left or right.

Original von Giants
Umbauvon mir (Trax)

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