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Bergmann GTW430 ST Mega Pack v1.0
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Bergmann GTW430 ST Mega Pack v1.0

Bergmann GTW 430 ST has a modified track system to achieve better traction with a low impact on soil compaction.
They have many added fruits, and a capacity of 150,000L. Unloading speed has been increased as well. Like all others, the pipe is mouse controlled.

In this pack you will find the following paint jobs:
John Deere
New Holland
Massey Fergusson
Black Knight

This was done for fun, so now you can drive around and support your favorite brands / manufacturer.
Hope you all like them, and remember, If you dont, Just delete them :)

Julian11, Rafazr, PurpleKnight Modding

  • Jesus christ
    2016-01-27 22:17 Send message
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    Mark Steeves, take credit for your shitty reskins
  • Pkmodding
    2016-01-28 05:55 Send message
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    @Jesus Christ, or should I say D.j. Cunningham... if you don't like em don't use em. Simple as that. Lots of people like them, I am getting requests for more brands to be done. As I clearly stated I did this for fun and people where asking for them. There was a demand, so I helped out unlike so many of you.
  • Jcb


    2016-01-29 09:23 Send message
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    nice job on these can you do a JCB skin :)
  • Blacky
    2016-03-03 06:06 Send message
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    kool mods
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