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Bergmann GTW430 V4.2
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Bergmann GTW430 V4.2

GTW 430 - the pioneering chaser bin sets new standards in grain logistics...

Version 4.2
-Added Hydraulic Coupling Script by Xentro ([email protected])
-Fixed minor model and texture bugs.

Technical data:
Capacity: 38.5 m³
Fruit Types: wheat rape maize barley.
Overloading capacity: 680 L/S.

Mause control for pipe.
Mause control for towbar position.
Washable textures.
Animated suspension system.
Tip discarge option.

Keep original link.
May be uploaded to other sites as long as the original link is used and credits are provided.
Edits should not be released.

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Hope enjoy!

Model ,texture & Ingame : Julian11 Overloader spec: Claus G. Pedersen (Satis)

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